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Our production is divided in two types of handcrafts: bath and decorative items.

Before talking about our productive capabilities, is worth to mention a couple of backgroud issues:

This project is based on the respect for the artisans home activities, this makes us impossible to offer goals based on the assumption these women will leave their household responsabilities to dedicate full time time to the project.

Ixtle´s texture make buffers an ideal item to exfoliate the skin and its natural fabrication process makes them environmentally friendly.
We have seven different kinds of buffers:
1 OSquare 15 x 10 cms
2 OBig circle 15 cms diameter
3 OMedium circle 10 cms diameter
4 OFacial 6 cms diameter
5 OSoap 12 x 8 cms

6 OLarge Ayate 30 x 30
7 OMedium Ayate 20 x 20 cms
Buffers 1 through 4 are stuffed with “henequen”.
Buffers use and durability
Ixtle tends to shrink because of its natural manufacturing process. To maintain your buffer we recommend you stretch it and lay down in a dry surface after use.

You must take in account this fiber lasts less than synthetic items.
We recommend changing your buffers after an eight week use.
Table mats
Table mats are made of ixlte and stained with natural dyes. We have a wide range of colours: yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, orange, etc.
1 OTable mats
2 OTable mats
The bags are made from cotton covered with ixtle or only with ixtle.
1 OBags
If you are interested in obtaining a sample of any of our products write us to:

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